Bid for a Banker

We recently won bid for a banker which meant two poor souls from Barclays Bank had to endure a day under the mighty thumb of our own Managing Director Kevin Kent. The chaps had to serve tea & biscuits, clean the toilets, shred our waste paper and clean Kevins car. All for a good cause of course! £500 has been donated to Malt Cross and Childrens Bereavement Charities.

Going Mobile!

Here are the Kent Group we have been working with our IT department to create a work instruction system for our employees on site. After months of hard work we have come up with M.I.C.S (Mobile Information & Communication System). Each civil and electrical team leader will recieve a shiny new tablet to send and recieve instructions from Kent HQ. We have worked with Podio to bepsokley tweak their app to our needs in the rail industry and it's features are as follows; - We can send safe system of work packs / task briefs / Site Drawings - They can send site photos / material request forms / close call reports This allows us to reduce our paper consumption whilst stream lining our workflow and

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