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Fatfree Media

At Kents, we felt it was time to show the world what we do. For over 25 years we have worked quietly in the background providing & producing incredible services to various clients. It's time we put our sunday best on to show all of you who we are and what we do. To acomplish this mission, we needed a crack team of proffesionals so of course we chose Fatfree Media

"Why?" i hear you ask. We like to use local business's wherever we can and when we saw Fatfree's online portfolio we knew there and then that these were the right people for the job.

Below are some shots of the job in hand featuring the crew from Fatfree.

Jason Croxall - Film Maker / Editor

Topher Batchelor - Writer / Producer

Mike Choo - Motion Graphics Designer / Assistant

FatFree 2.jpg

Mat & Rick being briefed on a directed shot.

FatFree 3.jpg

Jason & Mike filming our kitchen and self catering facilities.

FatFree 4.jpg

The Directors Kev & Tom nervously prepping for a close up.

FatFree 5.jpg

Jason panning through the stores.

FatFree 6.jpg

Filming at IHC Engineering.

FatFree 8.jpg


FatFree 9.jpg

Damien making his film debut.

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