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Electrical Engineering
Civil Engineering
Switchgear Manufacturing
Rail Infrastructure

We deliver many technical solutions for the rail industry including;


• Safety Extra Low Voltage -

  (<50V) control systems.


• Low Voltage - (230V, 400V

  &–650V) Domestic,

  Distribution and Signalling

  Supply Systems.


• High Voltage - (11-25kV)

  Distribution and Traction 



• Critical Supply Systems -  

  UPS, Traction Rectifiers,  

  Diesel Generators, 

  Changeover Panels Etc.


• Lighting Systems - Level 

  Crossing, Junction, Buffer 

  Stop, Driver Walkway, 

  Pedestrian, High Mast and 

  Bridge Lighting.


• Plant and Equipment - 

  Points Heating, Pumps, 

  HVAC, Oil Storage and Air 



• DNO Supplies - LV and HV, 

  management of DNO 

  supplier, manufacture and 

  installation of 


Primarily to support our M&E division our own civil teams are utilised for;


• Foundations and Bases - 

  PSP, REB, Generator, Kiosk 

  Bases and Retaining Walls.


• Under Track and Under 

  Road Crossings - Multi Duct 

  Routes Under Tracks, Roads 

  and Car Parks 


• General Earthworks - 

  Fencing Works, Vegetation 

  Clearance, Temporary 

  Roads, Pedestrian and 

  Driver Walkways.


• Route Works - Concrete and 

  GRP (including elevated) 

  Trough, Buried Route and 

  Cable Containment.

Primarily to support our Electrical and Civil divisions, we design, manufacture and install many types of switchgear products including

• Modular Buildings

• DNO Cubicles

• Electrical Control Panels

• Principal Supply Points (PSPs)

Our expertise in Rail Infrastructure Engineering spans over 30 years and with a vastly experienced workforce, management, planning and track access team we are able to undertake all of our Electrical, Civil and Mechanical Engineering Services on the rail infrastructure, using all industry recognised Safe Systems of Work.

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