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Kent PHK Go Electric

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Kent PHK have an ambitious target of reducing our carbon emissions by 30% over a 10 year period by 2024, or year 5 of CP6. Just over half way into our target we have made significant progress by monitoring all areas of the business and making positive changes to introduce efficiencies and improvements such as:-

In our Premises

  • Installation of solar panels

  • Installation of LED lighting controlled by movement sensors

  • Alteration to our heating and ventilation systems

These changes have yielded a 33% reduction in property carbon emissions

Our Vehicle Fleet

  • Running a fleet of vehicles no older than 5 years to ensure the vehicles are using the latest fuel efficient engines

  • Monitoring and promoting good driver behaviours via our in vehicle trackers

  • Reducing maximum speeds of vans

  • Use of public transport

  • Introducing 6 electric bikes into the business to be used for commuting

These changes have yielded an 8% reduction in travel carbon emissions

Company Wide

  • Zero waste to landfill

  • Control and disposal of hazardous waste

  • Replace power tools with battery driven motors (see picture)

The result of these efforts has reduced our overall carbon footprint by 17%. However travel, mainly in vehicles, accounts for 78% of entire carbon emissions, and whilst our fleet is kept up to date it has been difficult to reduce this any further, that is until now. Having installed electric charging points at our premises, we take delivery of our first all electric company car on 1st September, and in addition we are currently ordering our first hybrid LGV to join our fleet. As we replace our fleet over the next 4 years with hybrid and all electric vehicles wherever possible, we are confident of reaching our 30% carbon emission reduction by 2024.

Kevin Kent

Managing Director

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